Lady Captured Using An Old Man She Is Allegedly Dating As A ‘Donkey’ – VIDEO

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We came across a video that left us speechless and shocked. In the video, a lady is seen using an old man as a ‘donkey,’ and according to the commentary that accompanied the video, this man is the lady’s ‘Sugar Daddy.’

After going viral, the video elicited some reactions from social media users, who expressed a variety of viewpoints. Check out the video below;

Some reactions the post got are;

@rexxrussel – U all dey trip charle.🤦🏾‍♂️ He could be her dad and they are probably just having fun

@kojo_darkoh2 – By dis time go see how e kiddies dey fear am 4 hse. Herr 3tw3 b3di nkunim daa

@Sim__Mons – Boys dey complain but low key they are doing more than this for room inside

@__Jayhabib – Ei if like Adam no chop Eve ein apple anka all this no go happen 😑

@AbeikuSparrow – This is pure love you are guys are thrashing like that… plenty of you here dey envy low key

@obodaiashare – For a second I thought he was going to transform into a goat or something.

@ForexTrader94 – WtF did I just watch?? How can some men bring themselves so low like this..??? Asem Ben koraaa ni 🥶


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