Man Kills Friend Because Of GHC 7

Most of the time, we come across some news and wonder what is going on in the world. According to reports, a man killed his friend. This man killed his friend over N300 (GHC 7) in Lagos, Nigeria, according to reports.

The man has been identified as Toheeb Kilani, a factory worker who has gone into hiding after committing the crime. Emmanuel Ojo was the name of the deceased.

When the two boarded a motorcycle and rode to Kilani’s home on Asabi Street in Mushin, we deduced that they were returning from somewhere.

The motorcyclist accepted payment from the friends and gave them N300 change to split after transporting Ojo and Kilani to their destination.

The process of splitting the money, however, resulted in an argument that turned into a fight. Kilani allegedly pulled out a cutter and stabbed Ojo in the neck during the brawl.

After committing the crime, Kilani fled the scene, leaving the victim unconscious and bleeding on the ground.

According to reports, some concerned citizens rushed Ojo to a nearby hospital, where the attending physician pronounced him dead on arrival.

The body of Ojo was later turned over to officers from the Olosan police station.


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