King Promise Addresses Samini’s Outburst About Black Stars’ Official World Cup Theme Song

Ghanaian music icon, King Promise, has responded to Samini’s portrayal of Black Stars’ official World Cup theme song as ‘wack.’

In a tweet, the vocalist communicated his disappointment at the tirades by Samini, an artiste he regards in high esteem as a legend. He stated: “Icons become Rivals … Sad”.

King Promise’s remarks.

This reaction comes days later, after Ghanaian reggae and dancehall performer Samini portrayed Ghana’s official Qatar World Cup theme song as wack.

Samini in a tweet, stated that the Ghana Football Association (GFA), could’ve utilized someone more experienced to improve upon the song’s quality, intimating further that the track couldn’t measure up to the past World Cup songs which got extraordinary feedback from music enthusiasts.

Samini’s comment.

Confirming his point of view, he said,”The new black starts [stars] song tho, do we have to learn it before the world cup ? whoever chose it probably wrote it too. Eiiiii track na 3y3 ya saaa no! Hmmm a few of us could have done a better job at that Chale anaa meeb)dam lol. but vim still for the boys. Go Ghana,”

“@KwekuFlick did the joint already… thot they would have called the young man and just done the right thing. Simple. Maybe this will make sense to you. It’s not about me. It’s the track oooooo Tom. 3ny3 d3 baako s3i. But we go learn am Chale … ok bye,” Samini indicated.

The Dancehall artiste, in a reaction to pundits on Twitter, recollected previous occasions where he worked with the Black Stars on a partnership basis. He explained that he has no disdain for the musician who was chosen to create the 2022 Black Stars tune for the World Cup.

In his expression, he said, “I Did Germany 2006, performed the official song at the closing ceremony at SA 2010. 2014 was yawa and 2018 we no fit go. Been there done that 4get hype. The morale of my statement beyond politics, typos and grammatical errors remains the fact that the track is wack in my Opinions.”

In headway of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the Ghana Football Association (GFA), released Black Stars’ ‘Bring Back The Love ‘ song, written by King Promise, as the official track for the current team.

The track, so far has received mixed responses among various citizens, who have dissenting opinion points about the song’s overall flair.