Jackie Appiah Lookalike Causes Stir With Whine Your Waist Dance – Flaunts Heavy Backside

Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah’s Lookalike has been trending after her video dropped on the internet. It’s becoming true that lookalikes of Ghanaian celebrities are taking over social media with their misleading appearances!

And it appears that all of our celebrities today have a lookalike, despite the fact that only a handful is in the spotlight.

Following the recent appearance of Black Sarif’s lookalike on social media with his own rap song, actress Jackie Appiah’s lookalike has now emerged.

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A woman’s remarkable resemblance to Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah is perplexing social media users.

A lady who looks exactly like Jackie Appiah is shown joyously bemoaning her flexible waist in dexterity in a video spotted by Ghnewslive.Com! Fans can’t tell the difference between the lady and actress Jackie Appiah, according to reports.

The video makes shot pauses at a point and in all the angles, Jackie Appiah’s shadow was virtually present!

Watch the video below;

SOURCE: www.ghnewslive.com