Big Ivy Comes Out Hard To Lash Out Mummy Dollarz – Video

Big Ivy

The rap battle between Ghana’s Ivy Adjimah, known in the entertainment industry as Big Ivy, and Nigeria’s Mummy Dollarz appears to have no end in sight.

These two African Mothers have been lyrically battling for power for a long time. Social media is flooded with amazing talents buried in these mothers who are now being brought to light.

What began as a family affair between Big Ivy and her son CJ Biggerman has evolved into an International lyrical fight in Africa.

Poison Ivy

Big Ivy isn’t ready to step down as she fuels the beef with a new banger tilted ‘ Poison Ivy ‘ In this new one, Big Ivy wasn’t friendly but went straight and unleashed her venom on Mummy Dollarz without Mercy.

As there can’t be a lyrical battle without verbal jabs, Big Ivy bruised some Naija Egos with these punchlines.

“I am a Ghana woman with Power Something u can’t relate to Shout out to NEPA YOU GO BLACKOUT”

That was a punchline straight to Naija about their power crisis and Big Ivy was spot on.

Watch the video below for more and subscribe to our posts as we bring you every nitty gritty of this beef as it unfolds.


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