Here Is The story of Anthony Lefredo, the man who transformed himself into a Black Alien

Anthony Lefredo

Have you heard about Anthony Lefredo, the man who transformed himself into a Black Alien, here is the full story about him.

Anthony Lefredo has done something crazy and today we are here to share his story with you. Body alteration has existed since the dawn of humanity, and many of us have transformed our bodies in some fashion. However, there is a guy whose whole purpose in life is to convert into an extraterrestrial. This is Anthony Lefredo’s account, also referred to as the ‘Black Alien Project.’

Anthony was captivated with mutations and the transformation of the body from an early age. It all came together one day when he was employed as a security guard. He realized he wasn’t living the life he desired and resolved to put an end to everything. He resigned from his job, packed his belongings, and flew to Australia at the age of 24.

It is still unknown what occurred during his tenure as a security officer that prompted him to resign. As soon as he returned to Europe, his idea accelerated. Anthony used ink to cover the whole of his body. He went a step farther and blackened out his whole face and skull.

His objective is to push all limits by doing permanent, irreversible treatments. He ended up tattooing his eyes and splitting and green-tattooing his tongue. He then proceeded to remove his ears surgically.

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Additionally, he had dermal implants in his head, cheeks, and brows. If you think that was excessive, consider that this was just the beginning. Black Alien revealed that his fixation has taken over his life, characterizing his body as in the process of being constructed. His most radical alteration was not even authorized in his nation. Rather than that, he was forced to fly to Spain in order to get his nose removed.

As if shaving off a portion of his nose wasn’t enough, he then shaved off his upper lip. You’re undoubtedly wondering now, “How is this person carrying out all of these treatments knowing how risky they are?” Surely, there will be some consequences. Black Alien said that he has had difficulty speaking since he removed the top of his lip. However, his speech difficulties do not seem to bother him or cause him to abandon his objective.

He said that he enjoys putting himself in the shoes of a frightening character. He often settles down someplace and takes on a frightening character. Despite this, he said that he is proud of his appearance and believes that everyone has their own independence. “My goal is to push the boundaries of my body’s mutation,” he said.

At first sight, you may believe he has attained the appearance he has always desired, but that is far from the truth, as he estimates he is just 27 percent complete. Black Alien chronicles his whole voyage on Instagram, informing his followers of his progress.

In 2021, he plans to amputate half of his hand. Isn’t he really handicapping himself? There are individuals in the world who lack limbs and would give everything for a fully functional body, but not him.

Additionally, he wants to change his limbs, legs, and the back of his head in some manner, and the cherry on top is that he wishes to have his skin removed and replaced with metal. I’m not even sure that’s conceivable, and if it is, who would have the skills and experience to carry out such an operation.

You may assume that his appearance would limit his love life, but he claims that he has no difficulty attracting ladies, and judging by the comments on his Instagram, he has some extremely strong fans pushing him to continue with this effort.

It’s very evident how far Black Alien is ready to go to accomplish the image he envisions, and you can’t help but wonder what he’ll wind up looking like at 100%.

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