Hajia Bintu Displays Recently Gifted Jeep To Celebrate Her Birthday

Ghanaian Tiktok star and social media influencer, Hajia Bintu has supposedly been gifted a pristine all-white jeep by her casual benefactor to mark her 24th birthday celebration.

The nicely shaped female personality was conceived on 30th November 1998, making her exactly 24 years of age today, a significant stride worth celebrating.

Born as Naomi Asiamah, Hajia Bintu instantly turned into a web sensation not as a result of her rare abilities, but because of her humongously appealing body form, which has caused numerous men to go gaga for her.

A large number of guys flooded her DMs to propose love to her during the beginning of her fame, however the marvelous thought of being in a pleasurable relationship with her came to a halt after they understood she was above their pay grade, hence, only men with deep pockets could contain her desires.

In her birthday themed photographs, she positioned herself close to the vehicle and flaunted her body, which caught the attention of numerous observers on the internet.

Hajia Bintu wore a neat custom-made dark jumpsuit weaved with sparkly emeralds that embraced her body.

She had her cleavages firmly heaped on her chest to enliven the birthday photographs.

Have a look at the photographs underneath to know more…

Not too long ago, the socialite purportedly obtained a shiny new Mercedes Benz SUV after displaying her most memorable car, which was a jaguar.

Remember that after Hajia Bintu paraded her Jaguar on the web a few months back, virtual media users firmly proposed that her Naija trip provided for her new ride.

This new wheel drive has triggered another gossip on social media about her supposed activities.

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