Guy disguises himself as a hookup girl, gives head to men at Accra club

hookup girl

After disguising himself as a hookup girl, a gentleman’s corny plots were discovered.

He dressed up as a hookup girl and headed to an Accra nightclub. He was booked by the males, who also let him give them a blowjob.

The gentleman was able to get around the procedure by wearing a wig and an ass-pad, and the males at the club practically never suspected him.

No sooner had the man played with the manhood of the men than they realized he was a man who had dressed as a hookup girl in order to make money for the night.

Nobody identified him until he was done with the act. The distraught men took him into their car, punched him a couple of times and drove him off.

His adornments which gave him an unsuspecting girlish look were taken off.

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