I gained nothing from playing with my thing on Facebook in a way to get hook-up clients -Actress reveals.

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A beautiful actress has come out to say that she has gained nothing from playing with my thing on Facebook to get hook-up clients.

These days we have been hearing stories about young ladies on Facebook and across all social media who have decided to have affairs with men and get paid. It is really going on today and it has been figured out that these ladies operate over our social media platforms.

In interviews, they have made it clear that it’s not their fault to engage in that act. For most of them, it’s poverty that has landed them in those situations and they are ready to put a stop to that when support is offered to them.

Just recently, this is what this actress has revealed. According to this actress, she was once part of those people. She decided to do that when she completed school and her mother had passed away. According to her, she realized that it’s very dangerous to be a hookup girl.

She continued that these ladies meet men who would plan badly for them. Either they would harm them, steal from them, or do something with them and run away.

According to her, she did hers on Facebook. She would play with herself on Facebook and from then, the men would call her to come over. She narrated a moment when she went to a certain guy who stole her phone and money. From then, she realized she would get nothing from that, and besides, it was dangerous and stopped.

“ I played with myself on Facebook but I eventually got nothing from it”.

She said.

She continued that she decided to rather work hard on something else and now, she’s having a shop. In conclusion, she advised young ladies to stop venturing into that and start working hard on something else and that will help them.