Ghanaians Blast Mzbel For Posing With A Famous Lesbian In New Photo


Ghanaians on social media go wild on Mzbel For Posing With A Famous Lesbian In New Photo, see their reaction.

Mzbel is one of the musicians who really entertained Ghanaians some time ago, she has been quite in the industry for a very long time. Now Mzbel is at the mercy of cyberbullying and social media trolls for sharing a picture of herself to commemorate the “no bra” day.

Her initiative wasn’t very much appreciated by those who saw the image of her not so firm front side. Social media trolled her chest game regarding it as unattractive and out of taste.

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The once vibrant, attractive, and sumptuous musician was now being shunned and trolled because age and the drains of motherhood have its hands on her.

Social media users urged her to concentrate on more productive endeavors and leave the “no bra” challenge to the younger, firmer, and fuller chests young ladies and save them from the stress of her fallen kingdoms.

The singer was also blasted for posing with a popular lesbian and was even suspected of being one herself. The comments were simply outrageous but we took screenshots to check it out below;

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