GMB 2021: Setor is still not happy for being the 1st runner up, See the reason why

GMB 2021

GMB 2021 is over but not many thing Setor is still not happy for being the 1st runner up, below is the reasons.

GMB 2021 or Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2021 ended a few weeks ago but the results or the outcome of everything raised soo many questions in Ghana, as supporters of some contestants think the judges were not fair and other issues.

As reported earlier on, Sarfoa from the Ashanti region won the crown, Setor from the Volta Region was the 1st runner up followed by Manu who represented the Western region as the 2nd runner up, Wedaga (Upper East region), Akosua (Oti region) and Mfodwo (Bono region) followed respectively.

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Many people were expecting Setor to win this year’s GMB even before the grand finale, some were also predicting the winner to be either Setor, Wedaga, or Sarfoa.

Setor on the other hand was very certain that she was taking the crown home due to the fact that the voting statistics clearly depicted her to be leading. It took her by surprise when Sarfoa was declared the ultimate Winner.

The expression on her face that day said it all. She wasn’t happy with the final verdict. Setor stood still when the other contestants came around to congratulate Sarfoa.

After the finale, the winner together with the first and second runner ups was invited to the TV3 day show and they had a very fruitful conversation with the hosts of the show, Cookie Tee and Jonny. They took some pictures afterward and the face Setor made in the photo left a lot of people talking, saying she is still not satisfied with the results.

Moreover, a picture was posted today on the TV3 Facebook page of the GMB finalists on a girl’s date. Instead of 6 ladies, they were 5. Setor didn’t show up.

The reason for her absence is not known but netizens have assumed that the medical doctor(Setor) might have been busy with work and have no time for chilling. Others also say she is still not happy with the second position she took in the pageant.

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