Fennec Okyere And I Were Friends – Bulldog Reveals

With ongoing suppositions concerning him being the foremost suspect in the murder case of Fennec Okyere continues to gain a hold, artiste manager Bullgod, has revealed that despite contrary perceptions and judgements, he had a decent relationship with Kwaw Kese’s former manager, Fennec Okeyere, before his demise.

As indicated by Bullgod, he and Fennec were excellent companions during his time among the living.

Bulldog was apprehended and held in Police custody for a month back in 2014, under the impression of being the prime suspect in the murder case of the late Fennec Okyere, who was known as Kwaw Kese’s manager.

Fennec was killed at his Manet Gardens residence on the Spintex Road, Accra on March 13, 2014, by unidentified perpetrators.

Stressing the degree of fondness they had, Bullgod during a talk session on Daybreak Hitz, said in addition to other things that he was the main individual who brought Fennec into the artiste managing profession.

“Fennec is my friend. I knew Fennec way before he started managing Kwaw Kesse. I am the person who introduced Fennec to the artiste manager business. As I speak to you now, Fennec is on my right-side listening. He is saying to himself, Charley I get a like I go talk some,” he noted.


“If you get my wife on the phone she will tell you. Fennec comes to my home and come and eat. That’s how we are. The last time I spoke to Fennec was like five days before he got murdered,” the showbiz pundit stated.

At the point when the host, Andy Dosty, saw that Bullgod was sorrowful and brought that up to the awareness of his listeners, Bullgod made sense of his disposition, as he said, “We were supposed to have a joint, something like a union for managers. You can call Socrates and put him on speaker.”

Bullgod anyway stated that he is additionally keen on bringing to book the people answerable for killing his friend (Fennec), adding that it will grant him some sense of peace.

“I am also looking for those who killed Fennec so I can be at peace. Because if you google who killed Fennec, my name pops up and I don’t like that. That is my friend,” he indicated.

Bulldog was subsequently acquitted of all murder accusations, however Shatta Wale’s new allegations on Facebook has gotten Bulldog entangled in the murder case again, as the Police resume the case to begin new investigations.

In an effort to demonstrate his innocence, Bulldog served Shatta Wale with a defamation suit on Monday, November 7, 2022.

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