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‘Don’t Compare Green Trash With The Legendary Moon Knight’: Viral Internet Poll Pits Moon Knight Against She-Hulk For Best MCU Show Ever

‘Don’t Compare Green Trash With The Legendary Moon Knight’ Viral Internet Poll

‘Don’t Compare Green Trash With The Legendary Moon Knight’: Viral Internet Poll

Going experimental with Phase 4, the Marvel Cinematic Universe received mixed reviews for many of its productions. ShePontoon: Lawyer and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness were among the studio’s most controversial upsets.

A still of She-Hulk: Lawyer.

On the other hand, he had some success with shows like moon knight and Wanda Vision and in movies like Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. With MCU Phase 4 coming to an end, it seems like a mix of hits and misses.

Where did She-Hulk go wrong?

A subject covered by hundreds of video essays on YouTube, a common element seems to be writing and CGI. Many still find the character unrelated, as many of his problems stem from outside influences rather than his whims.

Additionally, the series has been inundated with cameo appearances, with the Hulk essentially passing the torch in the first episode and Emil Blonsky’s appearance and Wong making up the rest.

Daredevil’s promise to make an appearance also didn’t make things any better for the show as he didn’t show up until the eighth episode. This upset many Daredevil fans as they only watched ShePontoon: Lawyer for his return to the screen.

Was She-Hulk better or Moon Knight?

Fans have been debating which MCU show was better for some time, with Loki and moon knight being the best contenders. When asked on Twitter which was the best show, fans were conflicted between ShePontoon: Lawyer and moon knight.

moon knight


moon knight was the first Marvel Studios series to not include cameos.

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Although both shows break the MCU mold, most have been found moon knight more appetizing. Its previous episodes have been praised for their non-linear storytelling and for introducing a unique storyline. Its IMDb rating is currently 7.3.

moon knight


moon knight was the second MCU television series to receive a Mature (16+) rating overseas.

Many tweets supporting moon knight refers to the ratings of both shows as She-hulkthe note of rose to 35%, while the first soared to 90%. Some even found the comparison hilarious, calling ShePontoon: Lawyer “green waste”.

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