Bird Allegedly Turns Into Human In Broad Daylight At Gomoa Mampong [Video]

Bird Allegedly Turns Into Human

If all of the details are correct, it is a pretty bizarre deed, yet the story remains that a bird Bird Allegedly Turns Into Human

According to the video report, this strange event occurred near Gomoa Mampong in the Central Region. According to UTV reporter Seth Mantey, the event occurred at the home of a guy named Paa Kwesi.

“We were there when we were called to come to Gomoa Mampong and on arrival, we saw a lot of people surrounding a house owned by someone called Paa Kwesi. According to the people, Paa Kwesi has been sick for about 2 months now and had been sent to Trauma at Winneba because he had repeated headaches that only came at night.

“That being the case, the family sought spiritual guidance from a prophetess, who encouraged them to wake up at midnight to pray,” he said.

According to the reporter, the family stayed up at midnight to pray as advised, and odd things began to happen during that time.

He went on to say that while praying, they heard two birds land on their building, and that one of them eventually flew away, leaving the other.

But then they’d hear another huge noise from outside, only to walk outside to find the second bird had purportedly transformed into a human being.

When questioned, she stated that she was from New Winneba and that Paa Kwesi had been sold to her for GH50 in exchange for her killing him.

Nana Antwi, who is a sub-chief of the area, is reported to have eventually urged the community members not to touch the young lady, while he called on the police to come attend to the situation.

The reporter also added that after the girl, who allegedly admitted she was a witch, had mentioned where she came from, she was no longer able to utter any words. The case of the alleged 30-year-old-bird-turned-woman has since been referred to the Ghana Police Service at Gomoa Okyereko.

Bird Allegedly Turns Into Human

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