She needs to be arrested – Reactions as mother gives beer to her 7-month-old baby (Video)

7-month-old baby

A young mother has come under severe public scrutiny after a video of her giving beer to her supposed 7-month-old baby landed on the internet.

The trending video that has infuriated a lot of social media users shows the new mother seated under a tree and enjoying a bottle of beer.

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While enjoying the beer, she decided to feed her toddler who was right beside her with a sip of the alcoholic beverage.

No one knows the reason behind the new mother’s decision to feed her baby with alcohol but it’s clear nothing under the sun will justify this callousness.

A majority of social media users who have come across the video have called on the Nigerian Police Force to immediately arrest the new mother.

Reacting to the video, @__Sonofglory for instance commented; Imagine been brought up by this manner of a mother That is a beer and whatever sexual explicit statement she is saying. The incoming generation would be tough.

@A_RWAC – Tragedy gives birth to calamity, the inescapable relationship of misfortune.

@donald_segun – Do we have child protective service agencies in Nigeria ? If yes are they domiciled in the 36 states of the country ? Do such agencies if available have social media presence ? If these agencies are active across the country issues as seen in this video would be less seen.

@SelomSarl – This woman’s behavior is unacceptable and potentially criminal. She should be reported to the authorities immediately, and action should be taken to protect the child. It’s crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being of children and hold accountable those who engage in harmful behavior. The authorities should investigate this case and take appropriate measures, including arrest and prosecution if necessary. We need to ensure that justice is served and the child is protected from further harm.

Watch the video below to know more…

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