At Tema port, GPHA security and immigration officers get into a fight.

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GPHA security and Immigration officers engage in fight at Tema port

A tense and dramatic event happened when security staff from the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) and officials from the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) got into a fight that was caught on video and shared online.

At the tumultuous scene, officers from both sides of the Ghana Port Security and Immigration Service were fighting, with yelling and general chaos being heard.

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The fight is said to have started with a disagreement on the MSC DYMPHNA during routine vessel inspections. Twelve GPHA security officers stationed at Meridian Port Services (MPS) are said to have broken into the GIS office at MPS to arrest two GIS officers.

The fight started when GPHA security staff insisted on searching the GIS officers after they were done with their inspection duties.

However, a GIS Inspector spoke out against the search, citing gender issues and saying that while bag searches were legal, searches by male officers on female officers were never okay.

This objection led to heated arguments and physical fights between the two groups.

During the fight, GIS officer AICO II Boadu’s uniform was torn, which showed how bad the dispute was.

In this case, the incident shows how complicated and tense security rules and legal boundaries can be at the port, where both agencies are in charge of making sure operations are safe and legal.

There are reports that talks are going on between officials from both the GPHA and the GIS to try to solve the problem and lower tensions. The goal is to find out what caused the fight and take steps to stop it from happening again.

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