Adjetey Anang warned as Abena Korkor sed.uc$s him in a new video

Adjetey Anang

Ghanaians have heavily reacted with great concern following the surfacing of a video of Abena Korkor attempting to lure actor Adjetey Anang to get into bed with her.

In the fast trending video on social media, Abena Korkor was heard telling Adjetey Anang who played the role of her husband to hurry back home when he closes from work because she misses his bedroom skills.

She praised Adjetey Anang’s bedroom performance and promised to wear his favorite panty when he returns.

Apparently, the viral video is a scene from the set of a new film titled To Have and To Hold, which is set to premiere in the coming weeks.

Abena Korkor is trying her hands at acting after using her Bi-Polar disorder to gain fame through ridiculous and controversial mechanics.

Adjetey Anang’s encounter with Abena Korkor on set has prompted fans to advise him to tread cautiously else he might end up on her list of celebrities she’s slept with.

Check out some reactions below

_te_ley: Don’t come and say Adjetey Annan and the whole crew members of farmhouse have chop oo

ab8millinery: Adjetey Annan will be on d list soon

afia_queeny3: This role de3 it fit you paa cos u be the queen of zigizigi

Watch the video below.


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