6 New Hairstyles Rapper Sarkodie Will Rock

by Ghnewslive

Sarkodie has finally hit back at Ghanaians who are predicting the types of hairstyle he will rock.

Ghanaian sensational rapper, Sarkodie has come on Twitter to address the issue of his consideration of some hairstyles.


Micheal Owusu Addo who is popularly known as Sarkodie has been of the most consistent musicians in Ghana and Africa as a whole. The Ghanaian rapper is considered to be the best rapper in Africa.

There is no augment about the fact that Sarkodie has been on top of others in terms of rap music in Africa, he has been compared to so many top artists in Africa.

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He is noted for one particular hairstyle which Ghanaians have now named over the rapper. It is so normal for artists to switch up their looks. Sarkodie as a top musician in Africa has deprived us of enjoying different hairstyles from him.

Why stay consistent with your look when you can switch it up?

So, when he tweeted that he wanted to change his hairstyle…

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We knew it was time to bring out our styling tools!

For the first look, we thought that hey, why not dye the hair? It’s the look every superstar goes for first. Medikal did it, Lilwin has done it… why not a real superstar?

We used the colours of the Ghanaian flag because he’s Ghana’s number one entertainment export. Why not announce it in every room with a bold statement on his head!

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For the second look, we had his family in mind. You know, in Ghana, having a clean cut is what is deemed responsible and since he has two kids now and is a responsible father, why not project that with his hairstyle.

So, we shaved everything off.

Pros of this hairstyle? The fresh Ghana air he missed so much will always make love to his head every second and his wife, Tracy will have access to his mumu button easily. (Legend has it that, every man’s mumu button is on their head).

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This is our favourite look.

It screams bad boy, sexy and also looks responsible. Ghanaian aunties will disagree with us but this look is what’s in vogue right now and it’s something he can pull off easily.

The Sark legacy is going to be solid and we know this look is going to unlock baby number 3, 4 and 5 from Tracy.

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