The amazing Strasbourg center-back, Alexander Djiku has made it clear it has always been his dream to play for Ghana despite also being of French origin.

Alexander Djiku has been one of the top-performing players for the senior national soccer team of Ghana since his introduction to the team.

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Djiku has heavily won the heart of Ghanaians for defending the shirt and the flag of Ghana through football.

Alexander Djiku

The Ghanaian Center back has made it clear that he had no intentions of playing for France and Ghana has been his dream team as a Ghanaian.

Although his mother is French and his father is Ghanaian he chose to play for his father’s country rather than being with the France national team.

He said; “I have always had this goal of playing for Ghana in the back of my mind and the federation has been following me since my visit to Bastia (2014-2017). I gave myself time to reflect for a long time but, at 26, I am coming of age, and now is the right time to accept this selection. Before I was focused on my club career but I felt that becoming international would accompany my progress.”