You’ll Still Be Arrested – Fella Makafui Under Backlash For Leaving Social Media Amidst Fraud Rumours

Ghanaian female actress, Fella Makafui, is on Twitter’s record of backlash for declaring a brief break from social media.

Fella Makafui, in light of circulating a couple of interesting posts, and then consequently erasing everything on her Instagram page, stated that she’s on a social media break.

Her notification stimulated a faction of Tweeps who suggested that she’s attempting to get away from the grips of authorities, for engaging in fraudulent activities.

Before her notification, fellow Ghanaian singer and social media influencer, Hajia4Real was purportedly captured in the UK for extortion.

Fella Makafui.

Her capture as per online media observers, has sent shudders down the twists of many individuals, who are suspected to be in the same line of business as Mona.

Samuel Frimpong, otherwise known as Medikal, along with his significant other, Fella Makafui were reported to be in the same line of business as Hajia4Real.

Their recent online media stunt have additionally been connected to the occurrence.

Reports have it that, Fella Makafui and Medikal have arranged to stay under the radar to keep away from the broad scope of FBI’s reach.

In connection to that, Fella Makafui issued a notification to her fans about her arrangements to stay off of social media for the time being.

Fella Makafui’s notification.

A Tweep, going by the name Dicksonnn19, reacting to Fella Makafui’s tweet stated that taking a break from social media won’t alleviate the gravity of the situation.

As indicated by him, regardless of whether Fella Makafui stays under the radar, she’ll in any case be captured for fraud, on the off chance she’s found guilty.

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