[VIDEO] “Yahoo boys are the best boyfriends you can find, they’re hardworking ” – Lady Asserts

A Nigerian woman has stated unequivocally that Yahoo boys, or online scammers, are the greatest boyfriends women could hope to find.

In an online video, the woman can be heard arguing persuasively that these online scammers are not evil people as the general public seems to think.

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She claims that these so-called “Yahoo boys” are diligent because they stay up late using their cunning to con white people instead of sleeping.

She went on to say that these guys are really caring and try their hardest to put food on their parents’ tables.

The woman went on to say that there’s a distinction between guys who sacrifice people for money and Yahoo boys.

The latter, in her opinion, are ritualists rather than “Yahoo boys.”

She therefore urged women to get to know and date “Yahoo boys” since they are genuinely nice people.

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