Im Goshers has pen down why Ghana is finding it hard to improve in every direction.

It’s this word here … DETAILS. In a movie called Aladdin starred Will Smith, Aladdin requested of the Gemini to perform magic but the response the Gemini gave caught my attention..

He said ” a contract is always in the detail ” therefore Aladdin should be very detail with his request so that the end result would not be blamed on him the Gemini… (He said so smiling)Till now, that’s the only phrase I remember from that movie because as simple as it sounds, that’s literally the margin between the poor and the rich..

Details.Being detailed with everything is a major part of the daily routine of most of the Europeans and the Americans.

Most of these guys I’ve come across do not compromise details in every area of their lives but it’s totally otherwise in Africa especially in Ghana. You see this ash car with the HSA logo on, it had a scratch from a reckless motor driver and I decided to go and spray it back. Over here sometime very interesting happened that left me thinking throughout the day.

These guys by default don’t have the paint color so it was required of them to mix the color for the sprayer. Now they started to do the combination and I was expecting to see them take records of the amount of every paint they put in to get the color.Well, they didn’t.

It took them close to 25 mins before they finally landed on the color. The opportunity to have documented the process and capture the details was gone.

Now I said to myself… Did these guys just spent 25 minutes mixing the color and didn’t take the measurements of the colors and would require them to start the process all over in case another person comes around with the same issue?

AMAZING. To them it’s normal, that’s how they’ve been doing it all the time. They seem not interested in how they can improve on what they do. They are not asking questions on HOW CAN WE BE EFFICIENT…?

They have no regards for their customers time and obviously theirs.If you took your broken shoe to the fixer to fix it, they ask you to come back the next day.

You show up at the latter part of the proposed day and the work isn’t completed. You require of them to pay your transport back home since they gave you that assurance and they don’t understand why.

They don’t have records keeping to communicate back certain delays to customers and they still won’t consider to improve on how to handle things.


The food vender will quickly sneeze and clear her nose with her hand and rub it back on her apron, pick a piece of the same apron to clean the leave to serve you plantain and beans and she thinks it’s okay.

You ask them to clean the leave properly and they think there’s something wrong with you. Other buyers too don’t understand why you are the only one delaying the selling process.


Your boyfriend or girlfriend will just phone in and say I’m going to collect “something” from “Somewhere”. When I come I will call you and she thinks the details isn’t important. Even though they are genuinely going to pick up what they said.

At the government offices, they will tell you the boss is not there you can come back and check tomorrow and they won’t bother to give you time specifics and they think it’s not a big deal.

They don’t consider whether you have a budget to show up there the following day. The day they’ve proposed that they aren’t even sure if you would be attended to.I worked with some Europeans from Denmark on a film set at the Elmina castle.

Long story short, I delayed the filming for 2 minutes and what happened was that I was with the camera department so I had to make camera batteries available to replace the used ones.

The charged ones had labels and the dead ones had different labels. I didn’t take time to see which one I was picking. I got the dead batteries to them back and when it was time to use them I realised they were dead batteries.It was a very hot set.

The filming wasn’t like this useless sets we see around here in Ghana. The question to me was why didn’t you take that few seconds to see the details of what you were picking? Who even hired this guy? The production was halted for 2 mins and almost everyone was extremely angry.

According to the producer, that 2 minutes is a lot of investment that’s going wasted.It took the intervention of a few head production team to keep me on the set because I was supper hard working. I nearly got fired for the 2 mins delay.

My eyes opened. I begun to understand why they have achieved Soo much and are still ruling the space.Now, we are about 30 million human beings in Ghana and only a little, little, little very little fraction of us are holding the political office.

Do you think if the masses are doing things Right, these “let’s say” 1000 politicians can cause the nation distress and slow down development process? I DON’T THINK SO. We are just a people that do things haphazardly and are not ready for growth as individuals.🙂

Credit: Im Goshers

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