“Invention Of Pendrives And Other Technologies Did Some Of Us Harm Than Good” – Great Ampong Laments

Great Ampong

Great Ampong shares how the invention of pen drives and other technologies affected their work.

Back in the day, to be able to listen to music or get to listen to an album, you need to go to the distribution stores to grab your Compact disc (CD). 

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But now with the help of technology, one doesn’t need to rush to the market to buy a CD of his or her favorite artiste with the help of these digital streaming platforms like Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, Audiomack, and the rest. 

According to Ghanaian SDA gospel artiste Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong, popularly known as Great Ampong has affirmed how the invention of these digital streaming platforms resulted in the early death of musicians’ careers.

He said that artists are not reaping the benefits of their labors because pirates are exploiting technology to rob them of their assets.

“Whoever created pen drives and hard drives did a great injustice to some of us since it was the catalyst for the demise of CDs.” When I release songs in Kantamanto, there are always a lot of copies available, and someone will come from Takoradi to buy them. Someone will also go to him to get extra copies. There were moments when people stood in line for hours to get my CDs, with one guy requesting over 10,000 copies.
“Today’s technology has made this tough, and no businessperson wants to invest in music once more.” Because making music is no longer profitable, Bandex has turned to baking. If I give you my record now to listen to, the song will be everywhere by the time we finish this interview, and no one will need to buy the CD,” he bemoaned.

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