Who Is Jared Schmeck : Why Did He Resign From Medford Police Department?

Who Is Jared Schmeck : Why Did He Resign From Medford Police Department?

Jared Schmeck is a former Central Point, Oregon, police officer and electric company worker. Schmeck is facing fire on social media after his Christmas Eve contact with the President and First Lady went viral. Jared Schmeck became a trending topic on Twitter on Friday, December 24.

One Twitter user wrote “Imagine being a grown man so infantile and disrespectful that you say the slur ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ to the president in front of your own kids and dozens of others. This is a sad time.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Wow. #jaredschmeck is gonna trend for the first time in his life, and not in a good way.”

“Frustration on policies doesn’t make you use profanity at the POTUS in front of two of your children. You are no follower of Jesus Christ. You are an attention seeker who knew exactly what you were doing. Give him ALL the attention he was looking for,” chimed another Twitter profile.

What did Jared Schmeck say to Joe Biden?

During a phone chat with the President and First Lady on Friday, December 24, 2021, they were duped by Jared into shouting ‘Let’s Go Brandon,’ and the pair appeared clueless of the viral meme’s meaning.

After the Bidens finished talking with the Schmeck family for the NORAD Santa Tracker, both parties said their goodbyes.

“Well, have a Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful Christmas,” Jill Biden said.

Joe Biden wished Jared a wonderful Christmas, to which the father, Jared, responds “I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas as well, Merry Christmas and Let’s Go Brandon.”

The president, unknowingly answers, “Let’s Go, Brandon, I agree.” The phrase refers to a viral video of a NASCAR Racer, Brandon Brown.

His Resignation

The resignation of a former Medford police officer has caused a social media firestorm. Jared Schmeck, 35, retired in July, three years after joining the department in April 2012. He was previously employed by the department for six years. He and his family presently reside in Orgon. He got death threats on social media during his stint at the department. Despite the criticism, he stated that he enjoyed his job.

The incident follows President Joe Biden’s phone contact with Vice President Joe Biden on Christmas Eve. They spoke with Schmeck, a former cop who later posted the interview on YouTube. He was apparently chastised on social media after resigning for making the comments and resigning from the department. He said he was exercising his right to free speech.

After his resignation, Schmeck’s social media backlash exploded. The video showed him making indirect derogatory remarks to the first lady and president on Christmas Eve. The video was shared more than a million times on YouTube. He is a Christian who has served in the Medford police department for six years. But his resignation has sparked a debate among the community, as some people believe he made inappropriate comments on the White House.

Jared Schmeck called President Obama on Christmas Eve to apologize for his remarks. He also uploaded the footage to YouTube, in which he can be seen conversing with the president and first lady.

The retired electrician from Central Point, Oregon, is a former Medford police officer. He formerly worked for the city’s water commission, where he spent six years. He has been married to Amanda Schmeck, a lady of color, in recent years.

On July 15, 2018, Jared Schmeck resigned from the Medford Police Department. He is now an entrepreneur in Klamath Falls, Oregon. He resigned following the outrage on social media. According to reports, the former cop told President Obama that his code for ‘fk Joe Biden’ was code for ‘fk Joe Bien.’ While he did not explain why, he was accused of racially stereotyping his former coworkers.

SOURCE: www.ghnewslive.com