Amy Schneider Before Surgery, Biography, Photos, and Jeopardy

Amy Schneider Before Surgery

Who Is Amy Schneider?

Amy Schneider is a game show contestant and an American engineering manager. On May 29, 1979, she was born. She is famous for her 40-game winning run on the game program Jeopardy. She went to Chaminade-Julienne High School. Her students chose her as the most likely to come on Jeopardy.

Amy Schneider Before Surgery 

Amy revealed that people labeled her as a transexual during her high school and college years, despite the fact that she had the outward appearance of a guy at the time.

It is also known that she endured similar issues during her growing years, but she has now emerged confident and has grown to appreciate herself and her body. Despite all the social stigma hurled at her, she has demonstrated that what matters most is the knowledge she holds, not her beauty.

Amy has revealed that before her surgery she had an appearance that was that of man of which at the time she was discriminated due to her sexuality. Since she’s not so much of a media person not much detail is known about her past days.

Amy Schneider Before Surgery


Schneider owns the record for the second-longest winning streak in program history. Her first victory came on November 17, 2021, when she dethroned 5-day champion Andrew He. Amy only missed one Final Jeopardy in the 14 games she played after that! Question.

She is known to have earned $1 million from the show, making her only the fifth highest earner. She was also the show’s first openly transgender winner.

Amy Schneider Before Surgery

Amy Schneider Profile Summary

Full nameAmy Schneider
Birth nameThomas E Schneider
Date of birth29 May 1979
Age43 years (as of 2022)
ProfessionEngineering manager, game show contestant
Place of birthDayton, Ohio, United States
Current residenceOakland, California
SexualityTrans Woman
Height in feet5’6”


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