Where is Meriam Al Khalifa now? FULL DETAILS

Where is Meriam Al Khalifa now

Meriam bint Abdullah Al-Khalifa was a member of the Bahraini Royal House of Al-Khalifa royal lineage when she was born in the 1980s.

She is recognized for having fled Bahrain and her family for the United States with an American Marine Lance Corporal named Jason Johnson, who was stationed there at the time as part of a counterterrorism team that provided security for expatriate Americans.

Until it was time for Johnson to return to the United States. Undiscouraged by things like “passports” and “legal documents,” he snuck the girl into the United States with forged documents, Meriam was held for three days by customs and immigration officials.

Eventually, she was granted asylum as she worried about the possibility of honor-related violence if she returned to her family in retaliation for fleeing her country and entertaining a romantic relationship with a non-Muslim.

Meriam Al-Khalifa’s life in America.

They got married a few weeks after landing in the US when Meriam was allowed to stay in the country as a refugee. A few weeks later, her relatives sent her a letter apologizing for her elopement but omitting to mention her new spouse. The two spent some time residing in base housing on Camp Pendleton.

Meriam’s US Husband Johnson lost his Job and Position;

After settling well with Corporal Johnson, the Marines found out what had happened, they were understandably upset with Johnson. He was court-martialed, demoted, and that led him leaving the Corps. All the name of fake Documents or Papers.

The two settled down to live their lives together in the Las Vegas area where Johnson got a job as a valet, parking cars for wealthy nightclub patrons. The al-Khalifa family hadn’t forgotten about Meriam or Johnson. The FBI alleged that the family paid an assassin half a million dollars to find Meriam and kill her.

Now the Question lies here, Where is Meriam Al Khalifa now?

Where is Meriam Al Khalifa now: Despite her earlier claims that she feared violence or death in her home country – an assertion that she had repeated in subsequent interviews Al Khalifa returned to Bahrain in late 2001 to visit her family. She stated that she and her family were concerned about “violence aimed at people of Middle Eastern descent” after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The Sweet love moment came to a dead stop;

Johnson told the Associated Press that Meriam was interested in enjoying with friends in Las Vegas than she was enjoying life with her husband. Spending their money made from selling their story to a made-for-TV movie called, The Princess and the Marine. And unfortunately “Partying Meriam” calls for breakup.

From Johnson to the AP, “Deep down inside, she knows that I loved her more than anything in the world, I can say I enjoyed every minute I spent with her.”

The Islamic Lady seems to be nowhere, a very sad ending of a sweet centered love aroma.

SOURCE: Ghnewslive.com