Wesley Kesse Smartly Answered Gay Rumours On Delay Show (WATCH)

Delay Show

Over the weekend, Wesley Kesse was on the Delay Show and he was pushed to talk about rumors flying all over that he is Gay.

Deloris Frimpong Manso, who is widely known in the showbiz industry as Delay, is one of the best presenters in Ghana. She is known for asking critical questions and also pushing for answers to whatever she asks. She hosted Wesley Kesse on her weekend talk show, and she made him talk about rumors that he is gay.

The latter is a Ghanaian TikToker who shot to fame with videos of himself dressing as a woman and mimicking Delay.

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The two are known to be acquainted on social media, however, their friendship switched to an interviewer and interviewee during the show which sees Delay grilling the TikToker about his sexual orientation.

According to Delay, there have been reports that Kesse is gay, hence she asked “why do you think people think you are gay?” and he replied, “probably because I mostly do my content wearing female stuff”.

Delay retorted that “but other people do the same thing but they are not called gay” to which Kesse said, ” my star is too big so people have to talk about me.” Insisting Delay went on to ask that “is it because you have surrounded yourself with so many gay friends?

However, Kesse’s response to this question hasn’t been heard yet as this short conversation was only shared as a teaser for the main interview set to be aired on TV3 tonight. Regardless, the short clip has got some social media users talking as the post has gathered over 300 comments and 110 views on Instagram.

“My star is too big” boi3 😂😂😂. If he started early dier anka )be kyer3 bi dier” an Instagram user said, with another adding that “Ugo Talk True😂..Just Be Bold Enough To Say You Are Gay That’s Your Choice“.

He underestimated Delay oooo😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥. This is not united showbiz. DELAY SHOW….OBIA BOOOWA” an Instagrammer added with another saying “If u friends are gay does not make u a gay.. let them talk boy.. lv ur life .. keep them as friends they are ur good friends“.

Watch the video below for more.


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