“We don’t Join Politics To Steal, We Join Politics To Serve” -Majid Michel Tells Politicians

We Join Politics To Serve Not To Steal Actor Majid Michel Tells Politicians

Majid Michel is a well-celebrated Ghanaian actor who recently took a turn in life as he becomes a pastor. He has taken to his verified Social Media to hit Ghana politicians with some advice.

Politics in Ghana has become an avenue for most people to get rich early and also gain fame. For many years now, Ghanaian politicians have heavily been tagged with ‘corruption’ as they only come to power to steal and also misuse the country’s resources.

Majid Michel who is now a Man of God critically analyzed the situation around how things are going on in Ghana since the practice of Democracy came to stay. He urges people to learn and know how government works before they even make an attempt to join.

Interpreting his post on social media, he is simply making Ghanaians know that there are a lot of things to be learned before they enter the political game.

Majid thinks politicians should and must be willing to serve the country and all the citizens equally, but the habit of stealing from the poor citizens is a wicked lifestyle.

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