Virgin Pastor Reveals Something Sensitive About Nana Ama McBrown (Read More)

Nana Ama McBrown

The Virgin Pastor in Ghana has reveals something very important and sensitive About Nana Ama McBrown.

There are so many normal we can individually interfere in but when it comes to the issues of prophecy and ones relating to vision, one must be very careful before they try to say anything.

In our daily life, we hear of certain visions and others from some men of God. Some tend to be actually seen in reality but others don’t at all.

Even with that, no one can judge an anointed man of God, because we believe you may end up putting yourself into trouble with any little thing you say against them, which is why no one has the right to judge such people or any human being at all.

Nana Ama McBrown

There is a video circulating on social media and it is a live recording of a supposed prophet who according to him had a vision about Nana Ama McBrown.

According to the virgin pastor as known to many Ghanaians, while he was sitting at the live programme, it was revealed to him that the actress got saved and had her stars shining brighter after she hosted one Mankenim Yirenkyi.

According to the Pastor, the guest who was on the programme that very day through certain actions of his on the programme hailed the name of the highest God which led to bringing good things into the life of the Host, McBrown.

Normally, there are certain things that we do without knowing the spiritual backings. Our inability to see things in the spiritual world makes us unaware of certain crucial things that happen in our lives.

It takes an anointed of God to be able to see such things and this is why, in most television shows that we see telecasted on our TV sets, a renowned man of God is at a point in time invited to have a day on the show.

Doing such things could fight some unforeseen spiritual battles in our stead. It is always a good thing to at least once in a while recognize a man of God in everything we do so that we become successful.

A servant of God seems to be a representative to Him and because of that, acknowledging and giving part of our time to them implying we doing the same to God.

The man of God on the show tried to convey the message to the actress in order to make her aware of certain things that happened some time ago.

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