Videos That Show Why Hajia Bintu Is The Queen Of Tiktok In Ghana [Watch]

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Videos That Show Why Hajia Bintu Is The Queen Of Tiktok In Ghana [Watch]

Ghanaian social media influencer, Hajia Bintu has been crowned the queen of TikTok by Ghanaians after a video of her hits the internet.

Hajia Bintu is one of the celebrities in Ghana with curves, she has been consistently dropping videos on TikTok with her huge backside and this has gained her so many followers and some ambassadorial deals.

It has been a normal thing for Ghanaians to criticize, there are people who are widely in love with what Hajia Bintu does or posts on social media and there are others too who always try to bring her attention to what she wears to show her curve to Ghanaians.

Others have boldly criticized the TikTok star over displaying her curve to the public and she has also responded to that criticisms.

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Hajia Bintu faced some challenges with notorious fans who were busily asking her what else she has to offer apart from her curves. Hajia Bintu didn’t let it slide, she also did a new TikTok post saying that her life is not all about her body, revealing that she is a professional makeup artist and an entrepreneur.

She educated her fans who don’t know much about her by saying “First of all I am a makeup artist, second, I have my own business, I sell waist trainers, three, I am a student of the Koforidua Technical University reading Hospitality.”

Putting her critics at their place, she added that “so please in case my body fades out, I have a certificate that will pull me through”. Hear it all from her in the video below.

Watch the video below for the best compilation of Hajia Bintu’s TikTok videos that gets people talking about her.

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