[VIDEO] Moment Lady Showed That She Truly Loves Her Boyfriend By Tattooing His Face On Her Face

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A selfie of an African-American lady displaying her unusual facial tattoo has gone viral on social media.

People frequently go to absurd lengths to impress their significant others, but this is completely unacceptable. Why would a reasonable person permanently tattoo the image of a former romantic interest on his or her skin? What happens if the couple splits up?

If the girl believes that tattooing her boyfriend’s face on her naked face will deter him from cheating on her, she has made a huge mistake.

Watch the video below;

Some reactions from social media users are;

@Samanthafrea – tattoo artists gotta have some kind of rule to tell these girls that this is dumb lmao

@Iamyoursign – As a tattoo artist I try talk them out of it or try to make them get something else llf

@Kxshanell – I would be a lil scared if someone got my face tatted. Like ion even think it’d turn me on fr.

@Kunstoppable – Please tell me this is fake. Where are her parents why would the tattoo artist agree to do this.


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