Lady Reveals How Her Husband Who Is A Pastor Woke Up One Day & Said God Has Asked Him To Divorce Her

A young lady known as @fockelly has told the rest of the world about having two children at the age of 21 and being dumped by a partner who happens to be a man of God.

She claimed that her pastor husband made the decision to divorce her and marry another woman out of the blue, claiming that God directed him to do so.

The post she made reads;

“A short story about how I have two kids @21. I got married @ 15-16 to a pastor. I had my first child @16.

The second child @17 after giving him two beautiful kids he woke up one day and told me that God asked him to divorce me and marry another girl he was in a relationship with.

If he threw out of his house and life I tried committing su!cide but I was saved and he also took my two kids. Till now I went through hell but buckled when he told me I was an illiterate say I no go school so I had to enrol myself for an OND of which I have rounded up with last. I hope to be a graduate sooner.”


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