TV3 Mentor X – Netizens Hits Back at Richie Mensah For What He Said To Pink Sheet.

TV3 Mentor

Netizens Hit Back at Richie Mensah For What He Said To Pink Sheet after his performance. TV3 Mentor X

TV3 Mentor has been in existence over the past decade, now the new season of the show has been more interesting over the week with the contestants giving their best performances.

Now if you didn’t have the chance to witness or watch the last episode, I can boldly tell you that you have missed a lot as far as the show is concerned. The amazing performances from the 16 contestants were something encouraging and you could see the maturity level of this year’s contestants.

There is no doubt that Festus Abeka who goes by the stage name Pink Sheet is one of the contestants of this year’s Mentor x who is doing very well at the age of 19.

From the first weeks till now Pink Sheet has been giving extraordinary performances, yesterday’s performance from Pink Sheet was great but not as good as his previous performances, and it’s all because his music choice never helped him at all.

Yesterday happened to be week 3 of this year’s Mentor x as the contestants were tasked to sing African songs to redefine the entire African culture.

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Pink Sheet is a rapper with many lyrics but after he had done singing on the stage Richie Mensah one of the judges of this year’s mentor x told him this: I would rather play games with my phone than listen to your music.

Judge Richie went on to tell Pink Sheet to be himself and do his own thing than to copy Sarkodie and Amarado Burner’s style of rapping.

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