Do you want to be rich? stop doing these three things


It has always being the dream of every man or woman to make a living out of whatever he or she does, but becoming rich is still the top priority of most people.

I am very sure you have been asking yourself these four basic questions.

* After my long years of hustling, why am I still poor?

*What could be wrong with my business plans and why am I not making any financial progress?

*Why does it seem so difficult to make money?

* When can I make money and live the kind of life I want?

All the above are some questions that most of us ask ourselves, some of us have discovered where the answers are, but to others, the answer is far from being found. But the reality is the answers to all these questions are found inside us.

Talking about money-making laws, rules, and tactics, there is some things you need to know, learn, and things you need to stop. People appear to look too far and neglect those important resources within their reach, which is the major issue that prevents them from making the necessary progress.

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You have to think all around as far as making money is concerned, you should know that everything around you is important, some of them that you neglected to use will always come back to haunt you.

Your Attitude, Your way of thinking, and Your strategies have a central role to play in your search for money.

There are some mentalities most people have become used to because that is what they have been thought or seen growing up.

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Having the wrong mindsets would definitely not help you to escape poverty or see success in your search for money. If you really want to get yourself out of poverty or be financially stable, start thinking in the right direction.

It is worth your precious time to do yourself a favor by patiently reading this article which took some time to prepare for you. These three mentalities are discussed below, avoid them kindly and begin to make positive changes in your life. We are open to suggestions.

Just drop your comments or contributions in the comment box below this article.

1. Thinking that you can not make money where you are, and you will probably have to move elsewhere or even travel abroad. If you have this kind of mindset then you need to change it as early as possible.

This kind of attitude has already caused people not to see values in their community and has also caused them not to concentrate on what they can do in their small corner. This attitude has channeled the attention of most youth in Africa to travel and make a living elsewhere. Most people have also kept their figures crossed hoping for openings or opportunities outside, which most of the time never come to pass.

People have become lazy because instead of starting a small business within their vicinity, they wait for big opportunities somewhere else which in the end get disappointed.

Everywhere you find yourself, you need to begin to be active, you need to start doing something, after all that was how most of the rich men in your society began. Do your best wherever you find yourself. If you keep looking lazily without doing anything, I’m afraid you’re going to join the unemployment associations available.

2. Getting the mentality that, you do not want people around you to succeed in life. Trust me most people think that way. People no longer value themselves as they used to be, greed is rampant today, but trust me, you may never make progress in life if you let this kind of attitude take away your concentration.

Always be you and wish other people well, learn to appreciate and help your friends grow as well.

3. Thinking big, without working big

There is no doubt that every single person in this world has huge dreams, as human beings we want so much in life, some want to be famous, others want to be something else, but not all of us work as much as we dream.

Sadly. Many people are more talkative than action-oriented. There is no way you can be lifted out of poverty without working hard, and just speaking or complaining.

There is no way you can make changes in life if all you do is to prepare without putting it into effect. Try as hard as possible to turn all your plans into action as a young person looking to make a financial breakthrough.

It is easier to dream about and build a small company than to dream about large ones without achieving either of them.

Thinking differently and accomplishing something is better than thinking like others and ending up doing nothing. Do not allow YOURSELF to be the cause of your poverty, play your part, and leave to God the rest.

Turn the brain to healthy mindsets that will propel you further in life.

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