TV3 GMB Emefa Resurface With Massive Beautiful Body Changes 10yrs After Winning.


Emefa Adeti Mamaga, Ghana’s Most Beautiful Queen, has made a comeback on social media with huge Beautiful Body Changes.

Emefa has developed beautifully since winning the pageant even though she wasn’t exactly shapy when she competed 10 years ago.

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Emefa smiled gorgeously while posing for the cameras whilst also wearing a dazzling wine and white dress.

Her pictures were shared on Facebook by her publicist to mark her birthday. Emefa Adeti Mamaga was the Volta Regional representative in the TV3 Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2012 edition.

She later became a headline topic after she came out that a man who sponsored her GMB journey took away all her things simply because she refused to give in to his amorous demands.

Well, she was hailed as a virtuous woman for not moving with the man. Currently, we don’t actually know what Emefa is doing after her show on TV3 went off the screens.