Three Ghanaians set record as they walked from Takoradi to Accra in 3 days

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Takoradi to Accra

Three Ghanaians, including Henry Smith, 54, completed a 224-kilometer-long journey from Takoradi to Accra over three days.

The other two members of the group are Lawrence Manful and Millicent, a woman whose full name has not been revealed. The purpose of this tour was to raise funds to help the children at the Dodowa orphanage live better lives.

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Henry Smith stated that he has been walking long distances since 1996 and that the journey from Takoradi to Accra was doable even at his advanced age.

In an interview with TV3, Henry Smith emphasized that their motivation for embarking on this journey was not for personal recognition but rather to generate financial support for those in need within society.

“We started in 1996, I have walked from Elubo to Shama and also from Elubo to Aflao before. When I am alone, I usually don’t rest. I only took a rest at Winneba. We left on Thursday at 8 pm. This is a charity walk aimed at generating revenue to help the orphanage at Dodowa. However, some think I am doing this for fame but it is more spiritual if you ask me,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Lawrence Manful, the other man on the team, shed light on the experiences he had on the three-day journey, and how it has motivated him.

“It is by his grace. To be honest, it was not easy. I wanted to quit when we got to Mankesim because the sun was scorching but I went ahead. Because of this experience, if you tell me to walk from Ghana to Nigeria, I will be able to do it,” he told TV3.

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