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[Photos] The Royal House approves the relationship between Princess Leonor and Gavi

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Princess Leonor and Gavi

Princess Leonor and Gavi’s relationship

Princess Leonor and Gavi have become the topic of the day. Since last weekend, when the “Socialist” program revealed that Princess Leonor would fall in love with the Spanish Selection football player and Bara, Gavi, rumors about their potential future haven’t stopped circulating.

Additionally, King Felipe VI was reportedly observed going to visit Gavi and handing him an autographed jersey for his daughter. It was also reported that the princess had his images lined up throughout her folder.

The Telecinco program is still providing details, and the echoes of a potential relationship are still audible. Leonor will be the footballer’s biggest admirer, they say, and I would be stupid to approach her.

What do they say from the Royal House?

Of course, the question is clear, Does the Royal House accept this relationship? ‘Socialit’ consulted an expert in the Royal Household and make sure there will be no problem with it. However, these types of relationships are not something that has not happened before, that a member of the royal family notices an athlete. The clearest example is the Infanta Cristina and Iaki Undangarn, a handball player. In addition, Queen Letizia did not come from royalty either, but from journalism.

As if that were not enough, from the Mediaset space they assure that Gavi is already called ‘The Little Prince’ in the dressing roomfor his alleged relationship with Princess Leonor.

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