The Reason Why Court Denied Shatta Wale Bail Finally Revealed

Shatta Wale and the other three were denied bail and was to remain in the police custody after appearing in court.

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Shatta Wale’s one-week remand order by the court has surprised most of his fans because most of them were expecting him to be treated like a top celebrity and at least grant him bail but it never happened that way.

Shatta Wale

According to our source, the court denied the dance hall king bail simply because the state prosecutors were able to present a convincing reason to the Accra circuit court judge in the person of Emmanuel Essandoh.

Shatta Wale was hit with one count of distribution of bogus news and his other guys were also accused of the distribution of fake news by Lawyer Jerry Avenorgbo. Now the counsel for Shatta Wale was at least fighting to get him bail, but the indictment driven by Cheif Inspector Dennis Tekpetey went against the bail application.

Chief Inspector Dennis Tekpetey asked the court to remand Shatta Wale and his other guys on the ground that the police administration is as yet investigating the case for an additional roof.

During his submission, he made it known that one more part of the case was as yet being scrutinized thusly, he made a point that granting Shatta Wale and his guys guardianship will meddle with the examination.

The court then maintained the indictment’s contention and in like manner remanded Shatta Wale and his guys. The adjudicator, in articulating his decision said that “however much the freedom of a blamed individual is fundamental, the security of society should be thought of”

As it stands now, the dancehall king, Owusu Koranteng who is popularly known as Nana Dope, Eric Venator, or Gangee, and Iddriss Yussif are all to appear in court again on 26th October 2021.

As Shatta Wale was been taken to the police vehicle, he spoke to the media and teeming fans kept chanting his name. Shatta Wale then said that

"everyday Shatta do this, Shatta do that, I want to fxxcking go to jail"
Just send this to them, tell them I want to sleep in jail for this... fake prophets - he added

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