The Real Source Of Tracey Boakye’s Wealth Revealed

Tracey Boakye

The Real Source of Ghanaian Actress and Movie Producer, Tracey Boakye’s wealth has finally been revealed.

Tracey Boakye is widely known as East Legon landlady simply because she owns houses there. A blogger whose name is hidden for some reason has endorsed the millionaire status. Tracey Boakye is known for flaunting her riches online.

Tracey Boakye is not the typical Ghanaian actress we have around as she has been able to gather for herself considerable fortune, doing what, we do not know.

The Question of the minds of many Ghanaians has been how our East Legon landlady has been able to gather so much wealth when her colleagues in the industry keep crying of poor conditions of service.

But it would appear the actress has through her own genius been able to carve other sources of revenue generation outside her movie acting and has even succeeded at keeping it away from the public domain.

However, information reaching us from an unnamed blogger indicates that Tracey Boakye is doing big things and has invested heavily outside the country, the reason behind her supposed unexplained wealth.

According to the blogger, the actress has a big boutique in the streets of Turkey and is also a huge shareholder in two globally recognized companies.

Apart from that, our ghost blogger added that our East Legon landlady is into Real Estate development and other rental businesses.

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