VIDEO: The Moment Abeiku Santana Collapsed After Adina Surprises Him With A Gift

Abeiku Santana

Adina steps into the studio to surprise Abeiku Santana with a gift; Santana reacted to the surprise with great acting skill.

Abeiku Santana has been one of the few Radio and Tv personalities who have won the heart of Ghanaians over the past decade.

With his skills and the silliness to help upcoming musicians and other entertainment personnel, he has been one of the people many celebrities are willing to meet. Adina was on Abeiku’s show for an interview and this surprise moment was displayed.

Adina told Abeiku that she has a surprise for him and when the giant gift was unwrapped, Abeiku Santana then saw a portrait of himself carved in his handsome resemblance, he put up a cameo show.

On seeing the beautiful piece of artwork done on him, he collapsed to the floor in shock, albeit a bit of melodrama to reinforce his gratitude.

Watch the video below;