Award-winning Online Tv Presenter for the 2021 Western Region Radio and Tv Personality’s Award over the weekend on Bramcom Radio Online – a Takoradi leading internet radio’s entertainment review show as hosted by Mcranny Gh posited what is killing the media players in the Oil City of Ghana.

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Nana Ama Boadiwa on the show recalled how she was under rated by some media firms in Takoradi when she was about entering the media space right after her completion from the university. According to her, things were very though for her upon her decision to become one of the best media ladies in the region.

At a point in time on the show, she recalled a point where a colleague of her gave her a slap in the cause of discharging her duties in Takoradi. To her, she never had it easy, it was full of tears, sorrow and frustrations hmmmm!!.

These guys, Yaw Mawutor Fianu, Ralph Menz and Barrak Mintah Brown did really well in projecting what was in me when I first worked with them at Paragon FM. I will personally congratulate Mawutor because I took him as my teacher, a comment she added.

In the discussion, the radio diva, Nana Ama Boadiwa posited that, sexual harassments among the media players towards her should come to halt because it is one of the things which is killing most of the young ones coming.

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To her, the media in Takoradi is not growing as expected because there are a lot of mediocracy, jealousy and backbiting among the industry players. They will always cheer you on when you breakthrough but will never give you a hand when you really need them. Infact, I was really sad when people started pulling me down when I was doing the media work for free without being on a pay-roll.

This behaviour among the media players in Takoradi is the reason why it is also affecting the entertainment industry because it exists among the Presenters, Broadcasters, Journalists, DJs and down to the artistes in the region. It is about time we all burry this kind of hatred among the media players in the region.

Concluding her interaction with Mcranny Gh, the host of the show, she requested all the media players in Takoradi to become one and avoid all these hitch backs which always draw us back because with God All Things Are Possible.

Source: Bramcom Radio Online

A renowned minister of the gospel in the Action Chapel International’s Takoradi Branch: Grace Chapel, Minister Grace has cautioned believers to have knowledge in the word of God to prevent prolonged error in their lives.

Preaching to the congregation on the Resurrection Sunday, yesterday being April 16, 2022 on the theme “Lack of Knowledge, My People Perish” as it was taken from the book of Hosea chapter 4 verse 6, she said ” there is the need for the world to leave the ignorance and have knowledge about the word of God because it will help us in a long way.

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Explaining it further, she made a point that, we need to be in line with the word of God. This will bring the Rhema which is needed to bring progress in the lifestyle of many.

Man needs to give or sacrifice to get what God has for us. In the book of Romans 12:1 it is clearly stated what one has do as in to offer the body as living sacrifice to the work of God.

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According to Minister Grace, when one sacrifices what is valuable to him or her, it opens up blessing from the above over his or her life. To her, some people think that giving is always about offering money to the altar but they don’t know that giving the body as a living sacrifice is the ultimate. One must repent and give himself to Christ. This will pave way for one to inherit the Kingdom of God.

Christ left his spirit with us to empower us to do exploits in the walks of life. It is about time one needs to understand this basic principle.

climaxing her sermon, she admonished all Christians never to to forget this word. One needs to submit himself or herself to the work of God because that is the surest way we will need to enter the Kingdom of the Almighty.

Source: Ghnewslive.com

Fast and rising Ghanaian artiste has a message for MUSIGA and GAMRO on the need to put the Up and Coming artistes in the country on their radar.

Excel Cee is an Accra – based artiste who is pushing massively well in the arts industry in Ghana. In an interview on Takoradi – based online radio: Bramcom Radio Online’s Entertainment review as hosted by McRanny Gh, complained about how the MUSIGA and GAMRO have neglected the industry players who are now coming up.

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To him, the Ghana Music Industry is not structured well to support the up and coming ones who want to enter the main stream. “I will boldly say that, it is high time our works will be recognized and given the necessary attention to”.

He moved on to say that, there are far fetch plans ahead of him of which he want to suggest if they will take up the mantle. He opined that, there should be a talent hunt which will be meant to search, promote these guys who are already struggling to climb up the ladder in the music industry. There should be a money allocated to support these up and coming ones to bring the best from them by the Creative Arts Ministry.

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When asked about who he want to work with, he said, “I would love to work with Kojo Cue, Kidi and King Promise because of how they create their music. It is not that I hate the rest but I really love their vibe and the exposure they have created to the rest of the world”.

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In conclusion, He made it known that, he will be one of the guys Ghana should watch out as he will take the country to Grammys.

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Source: Bramcom Radio Online

Award – winning Online Tv Presenter for the Western Radio and Television Personality Awards for 2021 has something to tell Ghanaians on the need to be serious in dealing with sanitation issues.

Nana Ama Boadiwa is the host of My Country Ghana Show on Takoradi – based Online Radio: Bramcom Radio Online. Reacting on the current heavy down pour in the region over the week under review, is urging Ghanaians to stop indiscriminate acts by throwing rubbish anyhow and also avoid building in water ways.

It seems this issue has been in the news to help stop unscrupulous persons who are found putting rubbish in gutters thereby making them choked. According to the host on the show, we gradually heading towards the rainy season and it is duty of the citizenry to distill their gutters not to also rely on government.

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To her, Takoradi is one of the beautiful cities in Ghana so why should we paint it black before the other countries surrounding us. “I think the government together with the security agencies should embark on an assignment to make sure things are down well. Dust bins were placed at every junction to make sure the community is clean of filth but along the line, it was we the citizenry who misused them”.

On a tour to some communities in Takoradi, gutters were filled with filths and thereby blocking the passage of drainages in the vicinities. Some advantage places in Takoradi got flooded following the heavy down pour yesterday displacing some valuable items from shops.

Gutters were chocked After the heavy down pour in Takoradi
Gutters were chocked After the heavy down pour in Takoradi

So in a video, she was seen appealing to government to be up and running to deal with such persons who are found in such acts. Following that, she advised all Ghanaians to come together in building the nation together.

Click on the link to watch below:

Source: Bramcom Radio Online


A man has been lynched by some residents of Fijai in the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolis of the Western Region following his alleged involvement in a series of crimes in the area.

According to an eyewitness, the deceased, the Takoradi suspected thief who is 30-year-old and named Nana Kojo Duah, often used devious means such as dressing as a catholic priest to target and steal from his victims.

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Speaking to Citi News, the mother of the deceased indicated that she could not do anything to save her son, although she witnessed the dreadful incident.

“I was sleeping between 3:00 am to 4:00 am when I heard that Kojo had stolen from someone and was being beaten. I rushed behind our home and saw him being hit on the head with big stones and chairs. It was not easy to watch that, so I begged them to stop. But they told me to let go of him, but I refused and pulled him out of the place with the hope he could help himself up, but he could not get up.”

“A man nearby said he would take him to the police station, but I pleaded with him and agreed to pay the debt with a loan. But before I could do anything else, he used a big stone on my son’s head, and he died,” she narrated amidst tears.

The lynching of suspected thieves has been a common practice in Ghana for decades.

In most instances, the suspects are not arrested for taking the law into their own hands regardless of whether the suspected thief is guilty or not.


Takoradi-based Film director and businessman Kwesi Egyir has added his voice to the need for Aya Ramzy B to get a manager who will also focus on pushing the Aya brand to the global market.

Kwesi Egyir on Bramcom Radio Online’s Entertainment Review Show as hosted by McRanny Gh added his voice on the need for Aya Ramzy B to get a manager who will also pay attention to the business side of his music career.

Aya Ramsy B

Bismarck Amoako who is widely known as Aya Ramzy B is the CEO of fast and selling Indomie Joint in Takoradi: Continental Indomie.

Now back to the matter, there are so many people talking about Aya Ramzy B after he made it known in an interview that he doesn’t get anything from the shows he plays in Takoradi. The issue popped up on the Bramcom Radio Entertainment review and Kwesi Egyir made it clear that until he gets a manager who will help him in terms of making money from his craft (negotiating on his behalf) most event organizers will approach him in friendly or brotherly and with that, they will end up not paying him for rendering good service.

During Kwesi Egyir’s submission, he made it known that now music has become a lucrative business so Aya should consider getting the right people on board and also do well to invest some cash into his craft because talent alone may not be enough.

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He threw more light on it by making it clear that, Aya should do well and get a manager or a management team who will secure deals or shows on his behave so that all these free show syndromes most of the guys involve themselves in will not affect him.

He also made it known that when it comes to those who are doing well in promoting their music in Takoradi, there is no doubt that Aya’s name will be mentioned among the top 3 and it’s about time he start getting something out of his labor.

Kwesi Egyir also talked about Aya Ramzy B’s numbers on social media and other digital platforms, he said “Digitally Aya is not performing well as we all expect him to be. I know he is doing well by getting people offline who support him massively on the street but he should also channel some of the energy into his digital platforms so he can get some revenue to support his craft and brand. He can not do this alone and that is why I am saying he should try and get a good team to take care of some things on his behave stuff.

He then moved to his social presence, Kwesi Egyir said that; “Aya Ramzy B’s social media is also one of the things I would like to draw his attention to; His numbers there are not encouraging but I think with time he will up his game; I learned Bessah Gh is his road manager, trust me that guy is doing an amazing job and he needs support from the fans to make things work for Aya Ramzy B”

I think Bessah Gh and others are doing a great job because this Aya’s track “JAWULEY” has been trending back to back in Takoradi and it has even topped Connect FM’s weekly charts for about two weeks or so. What I don’t understand is why his numbers on social media are not going up, is it that Takoradi fans don’t like his brand online or he hasn’t paid much attention there. Check his YouTube and other digital stores accounts and see. It is very bad. This all balls down to social media marketing and of cause it involves money.”

“Touching on my last thing, I think it is time Aya Ramzy B stops honoring free shows. He is far-fetched. He is someone Takoradi people respect and it’s time he starts getting some cash from his talent. Everything about music now has become money, from recording a song to Video shooting to promotions, everything involves money. So if he honors free shows or plays all shows for free, where will he get the money to finance his crafts, or he will use his own proceeds?”


A renowned private school located on 75 St. Francis Street, Takoradi last friday, March 25, 2022 observed the Ghana Month in a spectacular way.

The school together with the management and the learners put on their traditional attire as a way of promoting the agenda wear Ghana.

They also went completely local during their lunch where the learners were tasked to prepare rich Ghanaian foods such as fufu and light soup whiles the main dish for the school was the local Fante Kenkey with fried fish.

Rich Ghanaian Local Games were also organised with the auspices of the school’s Physical and Health Education facilitator. Games like Anhweekyir, Ludo, Oware, etc were played to also strength them physically and spiritually. This activity actually brought some cohesion among the people in the school community.

Our team led by Ato Nketsiah spoke to the Headteacher, Mr. Emmanuel Kwesi Simpson and he said, the main reason why this activity was initiated beautifully was that, “we want to inculcate in them (learners) the rich Ghanaian values and moral they need to exhibit both in school and in their respective communities or towns as well. 

Later, he concluded that, parents should also play a vital role in grooming these future leaders to take up the mantle when the need be.

Ending the interaction, he congratulated all the staff and anyone who made the day a memorable one and also encouraged every Ghanaian to contribute his or her quota to make this Nation a better one in the future to come.


It’s amazing how Augustine Owusu Mensah, a science teacher at St Matthias R/C JHS, New Takoradi manufactured a flying ship.

This science teacher is also an artist who is involved in painting, sculpture, architecture, graphic design, and many more.

Technology has become extremely important in this twenty-first century to the extent that many countries such as China, Singapore, America, etc are generating revenue from it. With this, it is very important for Africa to support creativity.

Augustine has produced a flying ship out of common materials. This is just a prototype of a machine he is about to build to assist his country in the transportation of goods and services.

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As a Ghanaian artist, it is his dream to take Ghana and African art to another level. With this, the teacher is planning to introduce this idea in his art classes.

Augustine is putting measures in place to sensitize his students on the need to embrace technology in this modern Ghana. This artwork is mind-blowing. Below are some pictures of the flying ship.

Josephine Panyin Mensah Simmons, the lady at the center of the Takoradi fake pregnancy brouhaha has finally received good news after the Takoradi Harbor Court took a fresh decision about her case. She had been in custody since the past week after doctors confirmed that she was not pregnant.

The police have also accused her of faking her own kidnapping. She was subsequently granted bail after her first appearance in court but it was becoming difficult to raise the sureties to meet the bail conditions by her family.

There were properties to secure her bail but they were all not meeting the requirement of the court. After days of being in police custody, there is finally good news for the lady.

Her lawyer, Philip Fiifi Buckman confirms in a telephone interview with BeaNana that the bail conditions have finally been met and the court has agreed to them by granting her bail.

They luckily secured some properties and ensured that the Lands Commission had indeed confirmed the authenticity of the property and the court also accepted.

The court finally decided that the lady, Josephine Panyin Mensah Simmons should go home and enjoy her freedom whilst the case is still pending. She will be reporting from home to the court whenever the need be. Her family members, husband, and friends were in the court to ensure she is safely freed and return home.

She appeared very weak due to the challenges she had gone through. Her lawyer, Philip Fiifi Buckman is optimistic that his client will be freed by the court in no time.

Now, Josephine is returning home after a long time. She went missing and later was found. She spent some days in the hospital and moved to police custody. Now is the time for her family to know all the truth about the case from her.

They will be able to tell if the police lied against her or she lied to the entire family. She came out very weak, looking at the troubles she has gone through all the while. This is the right time for her to take a good rest at her house and tell her story.

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The Case Is gradually getting hotter as a 70 Year Old Woman Unveils All The Truth Surrounding The Kidnapped Lady’s Pregnancy

Akua Attah as she is popularly called is seventy years old. She has been living as a neighbor with Josephine Panyin Mensah, the pregnant alleged kidnapped woman, and her husband, Edward Amoako Simmons for many years.

As neighbors, they are close to each other and have been living closely like families. She has a secret about the pregnancy of Josephine and why it was authentic.

She witnessed the marriage and naming ceremony of the only child of the couple. When Josephine Panyin took seed in the initial stages, she was able to detect with her unprofessional eyes.

Mothers always have this special experience where they can detect the pregnancy of their daughters even before medical doctors confirm.


The physical appearance and changes of a lady are enough for the elderly to determine if she is pregnant or not and this is very common in the Africa traditional settings. This is the exact experience Maame Akua Atta used in detecting the pregnancy of her neighbor, Josephine Panyin Mensah.

As months passed, she has been seeing the daily growth of the pregnancy and sometimes even recommend local herbs for her to keep the unborn baby active.

At a point, she gets the opportunity to see the pregnancy physically and has over the period realized it was real. She was preparing to play the grandmother role for the unborn baby when the news went viral. For Maame Akua Atta nobody in this world can convince her that Josephine was not pregnant.

As old as she is, Maama Akua Attah cannot be deceived to believe a fake pregnancy because the physical looks on the lady will even make her tell if there is pregnancy or not.

She is very convinced that something fishy might be happening and some persons in high authority are trying to cover things up to benefit their political interest.

She has been told about the current troubles Josephine has been going through and has sworn to challenge anyone who says the young lady was not pregnant.

The sudden disappearance of the pregnancy and the reports that Josephine was never pregnant are mysteries to her. It is quite easy to believe the narrative of the seventy-year-old woman because when it comes to pregnancy, it is not easy to deceive people of her age.

Apart from her, several persons who have encountered the lady have attested to the fact that she was pregnant. The huge question begging for answers is what might have happened to the pregnancy to the extent that medical doctors cannot even trace it.

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