Baxford Int. School climaxed Ghana Month in a grand style.

A renowned private school located on 75 St. Francis Street, Takoradi last friday, March 25, 2022 observed the Ghana Month in a spectacular way.

The school together with the management and the learners put on their traditional attire as a way of promoting the agenda wear Ghana.

They also went completely local during their lunch where the learners were tasked to prepare rich Ghanaian foods such as fufu and light soup whiles the main dish for the school was the local Fante Kenkey with fried fish.

Rich Ghanaian Local Games were also organised with the auspices of the school’s Physical and Health Education facilitator. Games like Anhweekyir, Ludo, Oware, etc were played to also strength them physically and spiritually. This activity actually brought some cohesion among the people in the school community.

Our team led by Ato Nketsiah spoke to the Headteacher, Mr. Emmanuel Kwesi Simpson and he said, the main reason why this activity was initiated beautifully was that, “we want to inculcate in them (learners) the rich Ghanaian values and moral they need to exhibit both in school and in their respective communities or towns as well. 

Later, he concluded that, parents should also play a vital role in grooming these future leaders to take up the mantle when the need be.

Ending the interaction, he congratulated all the staff and anyone who made the day a memorable one and also encouraged every Ghanaian to contribute his or her quota to make this Nation a better one in the future to come.

Ato Nketsiah is a news personality based in Takoradi-Ghana. He has passion to write to educate, entertain and motivate people around the globe. Contact me at [email protected] for advertisements and business promotions.

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