Aya Ramzy B Should Get Business-minded Management Team To Push Brand Forward – Kwesi Egyir.

by Ato Nketsiah

Takoradi-based Film director and businessman Kwesi Egyir has added his voice to the need for Aya Ramzy B to get a manager who will also focus on pushing the Aya brand to the global market.

Kwesi Egyir on Bramcom Radio Online’s Entertainment Review Show as hosted by McRanny Gh added his voice on the need for Aya Ramzy B to get a manager who will also pay attention to the business side of his music career.

Aya Ramsy B

Bismarck Amoako who is widely known as Aya Ramzy B is the CEO of fast and selling Indomie Joint in Takoradi: Continental Indomie.

Now back to the matter, there are so many people talking about Aya Ramzy B after he made it known in an interview that he doesn’t get anything from the shows he plays in Takoradi. The issue popped up on the Bramcom Radio Entertainment review and Kwesi Egyir made it clear that until he gets a manager who will help him in terms of making money from his craft (negotiating on his behalf) most event organizers will approach him in friendly or brotherly and with that, they will end up not paying him for rendering good service.

During Kwesi Egyir’s submission, he made it known that now music has become a lucrative business so Aya should consider getting the right people on board and also do well to invest some cash into his craft because talent alone may not be enough.

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He threw more light on it by making it clear that, Aya should do well and get a manager or a management team who will secure deals or shows on his behave so that all these free show syndromes most of the guys involve themselves in will not affect him.

He also made it known that when it comes to those who are doing well in promoting their music in Takoradi, there is no doubt that Aya’s name will be mentioned among the top 3 and it’s about time he start getting something out of his labor.

Kwesi Egyir also talked about Aya Ramzy B’s numbers on social media and other digital platforms, he said “Digitally Aya is not performing well as we all expect him to be. I know he is doing well by getting people offline who support him massively on the street but he should also channel some of the energy into his digital platforms so he can get some revenue to support his craft and brand. He can not do this alone and that is why I am saying he should try and get a good team to take care of some things on his behave stuff.

He then moved to his social presence, Kwesi Egyir said that; “Aya Ramzy B’s social media is also one of the things I would like to draw his attention to; His numbers there are not encouraging but I think with time he will up his game; I learned Bessah Gh is his road manager, trust me that guy is doing an amazing job and he needs support from the fans to make things work for Aya Ramzy B”

I think Bessah Gh and others are doing a great job because this Aya’s track “JAWULEY” has been trending back to back in Takoradi and it has even topped Connect FM’s weekly charts for about two weeks or so. What I don’t understand is why his numbers on social media are not going up, is it that Takoradi fans don’t like his brand online or he hasn’t paid much attention there. Check his YouTube and other digital stores accounts and see. It is very bad. This all balls down to social media marketing and of cause it involves money.”

“Touching on my last thing, I think it is time Aya Ramzy B stops honoring free shows. He is far-fetched. He is someone Takoradi people respect and it’s time he starts getting some cash from his talent. Everything about music now has become money, from recording a song to Video shooting to promotions, everything involves money. So if he honors free shows or plays all shows for free, where will he get the money to finance his crafts, or he will use his own proceeds?”


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