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Stop being hypocritical, LGBTQ is found in the Bible; Church of Pentecost Chairman told

Church of Pentecost

Mr. Kelvin Taylor has heavily criticized the national chairman of the Church of Pentecost, Apostle Eric Nyamekye for his recent comments about the LGBTQ bill.

Church of Pentecost ‘s national chairman has received some harsh words from Kevin Taylor, the vocal self-styled anti-corruption campaigner.

According to Kevin Taylor, the same Bible that made it clear that in end times fake prophets shall emerge, also made it clear that gays, lesbians, and transgender shall be the order of the day. So fighting against LGBTQ amount to trying to undermine aspects of the Bible.

He then went ahead and said that it is hypocritical that on one hand, Ghana will go for loans from European countries that have legalized LGBTQ and on the other condemned the act.

Kevin Taylor also alleged that a delegation of Clergymen came to the United States to raise funds from a country that has legal backing to LGBTQ to build a national Cathedral. He said all this after a statement made by the chairman of the Church of Pentecost started trending in Ghana.

The Church of Pentecost has sent a strong warning to any government in Ghana that will obstruct the passage of the legislation that will regulate the activities of lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, and Queer and their related activities in Ghana.

In an interview on Joy FM, the national chairman of the church threatened that every member of the church, who he said amount to around 3 million congregants, will vote against any government that will interface with the passage of the bill.

"We’re going to cause people to come onto the street, and we’re going to warn any government that if you vote against this bill, we will vote you out, that is it. There’s no room for neutrality,” he said.

Kelvin Taylor, therefore, advised that the LGBTQ should be assessed critically before as a nation we take any decision but not the demonstration and other treats the Church is proposing.

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