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Barcelona to leave Nou Camp for a year to extend capacity to 110k

Barcelona to leave Nou Camp

Barcelona to leave Nou Camp as a club is set to begin the much anticipated work on their famous home stadium next year but could be forced to spend some time playing elsewhere.

Barcelona to leave Nou Camp where almost all their histories were made for at least a year while the stadium goes under expansion to increase the capacity by 11,000 seats to 110,000.

This amazing plan has already been confirmed by the club’s president Joan Laporta, and the work is set to begin in 2022 which could last from one to four years.

The club is adding more seats to the stadium, and the planned work will also see them include additional refurbishments to the ground’s infrastructure and other areas including the club shop and museum.

It is a potential stumbling block, however, Barcelona needs to secure a large loan in order to afford the renovations. As we all know that the club is currently having problems in terms of funds and many will describe it as a financial mess, the club as it stands now can not fund this project unless they secure a bank loan.

According to our sources, the club is already in negotiations with Goldman Sachs over a loan worth £1.27bn which if agreed would then need to be greenlit by the club’s members.

Joan Laporta made this plan known while speaking on Catalan radio station Rac1, explaining that: “(The new Camp Nou) is fundamental for the viability of the club and its immediate future.

"The impact it will have for Barca is critical so that we can compete with our competitors who have already done what is needed. Plans for the Nou Camp also include refurbishing the club shop and museum
"We are considering different possibilities, but the strongest candidate is the Johan Cruyff Stadium."

The Johan Cruyff Stadium is known to be the home venue for both the Barcelona B team and Barcelona Women and can only hold up to 6,000 spectators at matches.

There is another possible temporary home that is being considered, and that is the Montjuic Stadium, which was used to host the 1992 Olympics’ opening ceremony. The stadium can hold up to 60,000 supporters and was the home of city rivals Espanyol for 12 years between 1997 and 2009.

If this project gets final approval after securing the loan, Barcelona will be required to leave the Nou Camp for at least one year due to the renovations. The club’s financial issues will likely factor quite considerably into their plans to renovate Camp Nou.

There was a report from the club earlier this week that they had made losses of £408million during the previous financial year.

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In addition, Barcelona has been placed under a salary cap of £98million by La Liga due to the financial irregularities at the club currently, this financial cap saw the league block Barca’s attempts to keep their legend and game-changer, Lionel Messi, at the club in the summer which eventually saw him join PSG.

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