Sonnie Badu Reveals Why It Is Expensive To Book Him For Shows

Sonnie Badu

Ghanaian gospel singer Sonnie Badu has revealed why it is difficult to book him for programs and why his fee is so high.

Sonnie Badu who primarily performs in the United States, revealed in an interview with ZionFelix that he is expensive to book or perform at shows because he worked hard for the value and has urged his fellow gospel artists to follow suit by making their brands expensive.

No one can blame or chastise Dr. Sonnie Badu for charging higher prices for shows in order to spread the word of God through his ministering. He emphasized that he has all of his songs on YouTube, which he uses to spread the word around the world.

“Glory is to God, there is YouTube. If you can’t see me physically, you might as well watch me from there and even on your phones but it is different when I am right there.

“The experience, the euphoria, you cant match it to anything and I enjoy what I do. I’ve worked hard for the value and I will not compromise for the value. I hope a lot of people will watch the paradigm ad become that because it is possible when you do things right everybody will pay for excellence,” he told host ZionFelix.