Songstress Kiki Celine sings about her woes in ‘Fragile’

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Following an impressive reception to her debut single, ‘Desire’, KiKi Celine is set to release her next song.

Her new single, ‘Fragile’, bears her heart and insecurities for her fans, friends and family to see.

The song touches on the things that bother Celine as well as how she handles such vulnerable parts of her. She believes in accepting one’s weakness as that is the way to turn them to strengths.

She teams up again with the talented producer Insvne Auggie to bring this AfroPop to life.

With this second single, KiKi Celine looks to address her shortcomings others may share and inspire them to own who they are in order to be better if they see fit.

The young songstress is steadily taking her place among the new and next generation of artistes.

She made waves with her first single with the song still on the airwaves and getting more and more streams by the day.

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