DJ Ohemaawoyeje narrates how people attacked her looks and how she defied the pressure to bleach

In a society where beauty standards are often dictated by artificial measures, staying true to oneself can be an act of defiance.

For broadcaster and DJ Ohemaawoyeje, the pressure to conform to society’s expectations was never strong enough to make her compromise her natural beauty.

In an exclusive interview with Blakk Rasta on 3FM, she opened up about the challenges she faced and the empowering journey she embarked on.

“I won’t take nobody’s pressure to bleach,” Ohemaawoyeje asserted firmly,  “I want to maintain who I am. You know I always believe that natural is the best.”

It is this unwavering belief in the power of natural beauty that has allowed her to rise above the noise and emerge as a beacon of authenticity

“Whoever deviates from the natural whenever you have any difficulties that the artificial brings unto them. They come back unto natural. They use natural remedies to cure the mess that the artificial took them through. For me, I don’t see why I should switch from natural to artificial,” the award-winning DJ currently with Accra-based Angel Fm re-echoed.

Throughout her journey in the media space, Ohemaawoyeje revealed that she has encountered criticism and faced attacks on her personality solely based on her appearance.

“You remember how people abused me in times of attacking my personality because of the way they felt I should look. I didn’t switch. I never stood up and said because of what they said I am going to get up and go get a Peruvian or Brazilian wig,” she shared.

Reflecting on her journey, Ohemaawoyeje asked a poignant question, “Where would be my pride if I am trying to be the white man? Why won’t he think they’re better than us?”

She further declared on the Urban Blend show, “Look at me, born 2 and I am still original. I Like that I’ve maintained my natural life.”

Ato Nketsiah is a news personality based in Takoradi-Ghana. He has passion to write to educate, entertain and motivate people around the globe. Contact me at [email protected] for advertisements and business promotions.

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