‘I’m Not Stingy’ – Sarkodie Says In Fresh Video

Rapper Michael Owusu, commonly known as Sarkodie, who has won numerous awards, has dispelled the rumor that he is stingy.

There’s no denying that a lot of people adore Sarkodie for his musical talent and hit songs, but one misconception about the rapper is that he’s stingy.

Sarkodie has replied to the criticism of being haughty and frugal in innumerable interviews. He claims that a lot of people call him stingy since he rarely interacts with fans in public for financial reasons as his other musicians do when they are in town.

In a separate interview with South African singer Mac G. for “Podcast and Chill,” the rapper refuted claims that he was unkind to his followers and was parsimonious with his money.

He reiterated his catchphrase, “Money no problem,” and recounted the several times he had assisted the cameras.

“I am not stingy, I don’t like giving money on camera because, in his opinion, it is disrespectful to tell the media after lending someone a helping hand.”

Source: www.ghnewslive.com