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Richard Madden Net Worth 2022: How Much Does The Actor Earn?

Richard Madden Net Worth 2022: How Much Does The Actor Earn?

Along with actress Priyanka Chopra, Richard Madden will star in the next American sci-fi television series ‘Citadel.’ The actor is most recognized for his portrayal of Robb Stark in the HBO historical drama ‘Game of Thrones.’ He currently has a lot of films and television series to his credit.

The Scottish celebrity began acting at a young age but had challenges early in his career. He moved on to work in films and dramas, taking any opportunity that came his way.

The “Eternals” Ikaris was another part that brought him a lot of attention. Throughout his career, he has amassed a large number of assets and properties. More information on Richard Madden’s net worth in 2022 can be found below.

Who Is Richard Madden?

On June 26, 1986, the ‘Bodyguard’ actor was born in Elderslie, Renfrewshire, Scotland. When he was 11, he joined the Pace Youth Theatre to overcome his shyness.

In the same year, he made his debut film appearance. The young actor was an insecure kid who was bullied a lot. He grew up in Scotland with his mother, a primary school teacher, and father, a firefighter, as well as two sisters.

He attended Castlehead High School as well as the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Despite the fact that he began his career at an early age,

he had his share of difficulties.

His breakthrough came when he landed the role of Robb Stark in the hit HBO series ‘Game of Thrones.’ He also appeared in a number of other television shows and films.

Among them are ‘Cindrella,’ ‘Bodyguard,’ ‘Eternals,’ and ‘RocketMan.’ The actress has received several honors, including a Golden Globe, National Television Awards, and Golden Nymph Awards. The actor is currently unattached.

Richard Madden Net Worth 2022

The ‘Eternals’ star is a successful personality with a dazzling career. Richard Madden Net Worth 2022 was reported to be $6 million and an annual income of $1 million. The actor is presently residing in Los Angeles. He does, however, own properties in London and Scotland. The star is a car enthusiast. He drives a Jaguar F.


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